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“Do we need to start looking at tyres now”- Alariwo of Africa says as he shares photo of a commercial airplane’s tyre


Nigerian musician, Alariwo of Africa, shared a photo of a partially scorched tyre of an aircraft.

He shared the photo on social media and wrote,

“Do we need to start looking at tyres now before we board a plane in Nigeria? This is the tyre of a plane and passengers are ready for boarding…This na One of the reasons why I never fly locally..It’s all about money and not about the safety of the people”.

Some time last weeks, a Nigerian lady, Korie Tochi, took to her twitter page to narrate how God saved her and many others from a commercial flight they boarded from Lagos to Port Harcourt on January 3rd.

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According to Tochi, the plane struck something mid-air and smoke started emanating from the engine.


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